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Increase your SAT and ACT score with private online tutoring from an expert.  

Every student can improve with the right guidance. An ideal tutor is part teacher and part coach, ably adjusting one’s approach and style to the unique needs of each student.

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Prescott helped improve my ACT score by 8 points. I was always a nervous test taker, but Prescott got me to relax and understand how I could increase my score one step at a time. It worked!
— Adam Roitstein
Prescott helps our students open wide the windows of opportunity for high quality post-secondary education. I’ve seen amazing composite score increases from our students who’ve worked with Prescott Tolk on SAT/ACT prep.
— Becky Bain, College Counselor at Notre Dame Academy
Prescott Tolk was a major influencer and contributor to the successful college acceptance of my twins, Clark and Gwyneth. His sense of humor and positive energy make what could otherwise be a daunting learning process fun.
— Nancy Spears, CEO and founder of genConnect
I took the ACT twice and got the same score both times. After working with Prescott, I was able to boost up my score. He was very flexible with meeting times, which was helpful with my busy schedule. I highly recommend working with Prescott for anyone who is struggling to reach their full potential on the ACT!
— Abby Comar


fact: Students who work with us, walk away with improved study habits, better test-taking skills and sharper writing.


Improving one’s ACT score requires a combination of reviewing the requisite curriculum, adopting proven test-taking strategies and repeatedly practicing  these accumulated skills in a timed setting. 


Above all, what separates Prescott’s program from others is a coaching mentality.  Preparing for these tests is like preparing for a marathon.  In working with his students, he continuously finds ways to maximize their potential and encourages them to engage the material on a daily basis.