While the ACT has long been the more prevalent standardized college admissions test in the Midwest, it has recently found a footing on the coasts. 

The ACT features four different sections, each one graded on a scale of 1-36. The composite score is the average of all four sections.

English (45 Minutes)

Math (60 Minutes)

Reading (35 Minutes)

Science (35 Minutes) 

An Experimental section (20 minutes) -

The experimental section appears at the end of the multiple-choice sections.  This section does not count toward a student’s score   

The Essay (40 minutes)-optional

While this portion is optional, college admissions officers prefer students to take this section. It will appear at the very end of the test.  

A quick word about the Science section

The word “science” is a bit misleading.  Rather than testing a student’s knowledge about scientific topics, this section is designed to test a student’s ability to interpret data featured in tables, charts and graphs.  To many students, this section initially looks alien.  But strategy and practice can easily turn what seems like a tough section into easy, and even fun, puzzles.